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Family Festival of Nations 2017

This year's annual Family Festival of Nations is February 26-March 5, 2017. It's a full week of celebrating what God is doing around the world, hearing how God is preparing the way for people to experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and discovering how we get to be part of God's heartbeat for the nations.

This year’s theme, “Prepare the way for the Lord,” based on Luke 3:4–6, reveals how God is on the move in our world, making a way for overlooked and isolated peoples to come to Him. He is inviting us to join Him in “preparing a way” so that ALL will see His salvation. There's lots of ways to participate. Check it out below, and we hope you will be part of preparing the way for the Lord.

As we're preparing for this year, check out what happened last year to get ready:


This year's special project is raising money for the remodeling and construction of bathroom facilities at Bethany House in Alicante, Spain.

Several buildings were donated to the C&MA in 2015 and are being used for the Bethany School of Discipleship and Missions, as well as for retreats and conferences for pastors and churches. There is an ongoing need to upgrade and expand these facilities. We see this as one of our most strategic initiatives in Spain! It originated with and is being led by the National Church.

Our project is to raise money to renovate the existing bathroom in the upstairs and turn the small bedroom next to it into a second bathroom. One toilet, shower and sink in a family style bathroom just doesn’t work with 23 people staying the night or a month. Estimated cost per bathroom is $3,238 or 3000 Euros. 

Learn more about the ministry of Bethany School. Be part of this project by placing extra coins and dollars in the blue collection cans. They're available in the office lobby and at the Welcome Center. As part of the closing service on Sunday, March 5 at 10:30am, we'll have the opportunity to give together. 


Sunday, February 26
   9:00 & 10:45 AM Worship Service -- Sanctuary
   6:00 PM      Evening Service and Children's Program

Monday, February 27
   6:15-6:45 PM Meal and Fellowship -- FLC
   7:00 PM      Family Fun Night -- FLC

Tuesday, February 28
   6:15-6:45 PMMeal and Fellowship -- FLC
   7:00 PM     Adults -- Sanctuary
                          Children -- GC Kidz Club

Wednesday, March 1
   6:00 PM         Youth Fundraiser Dinner -- FLC
   7:00 PM     Adult/Youth -- Sanctuary
                          Children -- GC Kidz Club

Thursday, March 2
   6:15-6:45 PMMeal and Fellowship -- FLC
   7:00 PM     Adults -- Sanctuary
                          Children -- GC Kidz Club

Friday, March 3
   6:15-6:45 PMMeal and Fellowship -- FLC
   7:00 PM     Adults -- Begin in Sanctuary
                         Children -- Family Life Center

Saturday, March 4
   8:30 AM    Men’s Breakfast -- Quincy’s
   9:30 AM        Women’s Brunch -- Fellowship Hall

Sunday, March 5
   10:00 AM  Coffee & Connection - Fellowship Hall
   10:30 AM       Closing Celebration Service - Sanctuary
   Noon             Festival of Praise Potluck Dinner (FLC)   
   NO Evening Activities  


To help you participate, each evening (Monday through Friday) there will be a meal served from 6:15-6:45pm in the Family Life Center on an voluntary donation basis to help defray the cost. The menu for the week is:

  • Monday (2/27): Chili and Soup
  • Tuesday (2/28): Turkey Terazzini
  • Wednesday (3/1): Middle Eastern Meal (Youth Fundraiser Meal)
  • Thursday (3/2): BBQ Sandwich
  • Friday (3/3): Pancake Supper 

Please use the form below to make reservations so we can be adequately prepared. There will be peanut butter and jelly available each evening for the "picky" eaters among us.

On Saturday there will be a Men's Breakfast at Quincy's in Toccoa at 8:30am (dutch treat) and a Women's Brunch at 9:30am in the Fellowship Hall at First Alliance. Parents are encouraged to bring their kids to both of these events. Babysitting will be provided for the Women's Brunch for infants and toddlers. Please use the form below to sign up for the Women's Brunch. 

The Family Festival of Nations will conclude with a Festival of Praise Potluck Meal on Sunday, March 5 at Noon following the morning service. Please bring the following based on your last name:

  • Last Name A - H: Main dish & vegetable
  • Last Name I - P: Main dish & dessert
  • Last Name Q - Z: Main dish & salad
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