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Please complete the following form to submit a communication request for your event/ministry. Please note that all requests will be reviewed and prioritized based on such factors as church calendar, number of requests, ministry priorities, available space, and target audience. Please allow at least 1 week lead time.

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All announcements will be subject to editing for clarity and space. NOTE: Stories and the "why" are more engaging and motivating than simply conveying details.
These methods and this request do not replace the value of communicating directly with members of your group (if applicable via text, email, phone, etc) or of direct and personal invitations by people already connected with this event. These are really the best ways to engage people - via personal contact. These mass communication methods support the conveying of opportunities and information, but the reality is that most people do not choose to participate or not participate based on the web, bulletin, or a platform announcement. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help you connect, grow, and engage disciples. *